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The Tjibaou Cultural centre and adck /

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The Tjibaou Cultural Centre

As a part of the Matignon Agreements, the French state and Caledonian representatives (Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front / Rally for Caledonia in the Republic) agreed on Jean Marie Tjibaou's request to create the Agency for the Development of Kanak Culture (ADCK) a French state public institution, with the following missions:

- To promote the Kanak linguistic and archeological heritage

- To support Kanak contemporary forms of expression, especially in the field of handcraft, broadcasting technology and art

- To develop cross regional interaction, especially in the South Pacific

- To plan out courses of study

On the narrow Tina Peninsula of approximately 8 hectares, given by the Noumea Council, the Tjibaou Cultural Centre was inaugurated in May 1998 and was designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano. The Centre is a place of identical assertiveness and cultural gathering and creation.

Through its original configuration, the Tjibaou Cultural Centre offers a lot of cultural activities as you can find there an art centre, exhibitions spaces, show areas and a specialized multimedia library. Depending on its activity, the audience changes quantitatively and sociologically.

Transferred to New-Caledonia in 2012, newly named ADCK-CCT aims to search, collect and promote the kanak cultural heritage, to initiate and develop kanak artistic creation, to provoke the emergence of common cultural practices and references, to be a pole of regional and international exchanges

The Tjibaou Cultural Centre recorded 98 405 visitors in 2011. It employs 65 persons.

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